To engage the long day care sector in research, advocacy and learning, The South Australian Collaborative Childhood Project established the Re-imagining Childhood: The Rights of Children Birth – 3 Project in March 2017.

Fourteen long day care services throughout Adelaide have committed to:

  • researching the Reggio Emilia educational principles within their local context to develop a local South Australian approach
  • make visible how they enact the rights of the child as a citizen from birth
  • share their research locally, statewide and nationally.


Project Planning Group

The project is managed by a project Planning Group consisting of:

The South Australian Collaborative Childhood Project:

  • Trish Tranfa, Senior Project Officer, Early Childhood

The South Australian Collaborative Childhood Project Partnership Group:

  • Kate Ryan, Partnership Group, Early Childhood Australia (SA Branch)
  • Victoria Whitington, Partnership Group Representative (University of South Australia)

Gowrie SA

  • Kaye Colmer, Chief Executive Officer
  • Mary Scales, Program Leader, Professional Learning

Child Care Services South Australia

  • Judy Atkinson, Chief Executive Officer


  • Sue Dahlenburg, Principal Lecturer, Children’s Services

Early Childhood Australia (SA Branch)

  • Joan Gilbert, Director, Education and Care (C.a.F.E Enfield Children’s Centre)

Of significance is the willingness of the 14 services and the Planning Group to contribute in-kind and financial support to meet the costs associated with professional learning workshops that will contribute to their research.

Additional financial support is provided by the South Australian Department for Education through funds to employ a research assistant, a part-time project officer and access to Professor Carla Rinaldi and Claudia Giudici, President of Reggio Children Company, for professional learning.


Related Research

Download a copy of the ‘Re-imagining Childhood: The inspiration of Reggio Emilia education principles in South Australia’ report